SAVE Pakistan is a non-profit civil society organization, registered under Societies Act 1860. SAVE Pakistan believes that no development is possible without citizen’s participation. Organization stands for the protection and promotion of citizen rights. Primary focus of its action is human development and empowerment of the citizens.

SAVE Pakistan‘s ultimate goal is to empower the citizens. To achieve this purpose, it holds regular liaison with like minded civil society organizations. SAVE Pakistan is mandated to advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups of society. It works through committed staff and volunteers.


To protect and promote the citizen rights.


Enabling the vulnerable citizens to contribute towards socio-economic development.


Advocacy, Awareness and Citizen Participation.

Coordination & Networking

  • PakCare
  • Coalition of NGOs in Advocacy, Relief & development (CONARD)

  1. Environment (WATSAN & Climate Change)
  2. Disaster Relief and rehabilitation
  3. Research and Publication
  4. Quality Education for All
  5. Child Rights
  6. Capacity Building Training
  7. Community Development / Poverty Alleviation

                Joint operation account in a schedule bank.


  1. Research Regarding WATSON issues.
  2. Training on Climate Change & Adoption at Community level.
  3. Material Development on WATSON & Hygiene issues.
  4. Publication for social awareness.
  5. To follow the MDGs.
  6. Capacity building trainings.